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Social Innovations and PEP Academy work with after-school centres in disadvantaged areas. The programme was developed to encourage a love for reading among youngsters in the Primary School. It comprises:

  1. -a Teacher’s Guide and Learners’ Activity Book based on a selection of 40 simple books from various publishers

  2. -a Teacher’s Guide and Learners’ Activity Book based on a selection of 40 more difficult books from various publishers.

Social Innovations Reading Alive Programme

NGO ASHA developed a four-module course, each with Trainer’s Notes and Delegates’ Notes to teach basic business financial skills to semi-literate créche owners in Soweto. The course combined a comic-book story with activities for delegates to practise the skills they learn and need to apply in their small businesses.

ASHA Money Management Course

2011 Annual Report of the literacy-focused non-government organisation.

READ produces books and training materials for pre-primary, foundation phase, intermediate phase, senior phase and tertiary education.

READ Educational Trust Annual Report

Both publications were roughly based on existing designs, but were upgraded with improved graphic design and text presentation.

  1. -Yearbook: 212 A5 pages involving pedigree listings, articles and advertisements. Some advertisements had to be redesigned and others had to be developed from scratch.

  2. -Catalogue:

Yearbook and Catalogue for the SA Bull Terrier Club

Redevelopment of existing readers from various sets and of various sizes to a consistent size and unified appearance. Each set comprises:

  1. -12 readers for each grade (36 books in all)

  2. -New covers and title pages had to be designed for 30 of the books

  3. -The development time was extremely short. Initial redevelopment was done in six weeks in order to meet Education Department submissions deadlines.

Read for Tomorrow readers for Grades 4, 5 and 6

This 906-page book is a review of available research and literature relating to the sexual abuse of boys. It was developed for publication both as a printed book and as a Kindle ebook for sale on Amazon.

  1. more than 1200 references and 250 studies cited with footnotes and index

  2. 18 chapters, each with numerous subsections

  3. 15 graphs

Gay Lies, Sad Truths

The mining engineering consultancy wanted a simple five-page website that would load quickly comprising:

  1. -landing page, capability statement, list of publications by the MD with links to download PDFs, resources page with links to other sites, contacts page

  2. -a system to track visitors, their locations, the pages they visit and the duration of their visit to the site.

Website for Limpitlaw Consulting